Shedrow Barns

Shedrow Barns are another economical barn design with a traditional look.  They have a variety of front porch options including the standard sizes of either a 2’ roof overhang, 4’ porch (6’ overhang), 8’ porch (10’overhang), or 12’ porch (14’ overhang), that provide for a covered workspace and feeding area in front of the stalls.  A popular option is to add a tack or feed room under the porch area to provide added wind protection.

Porches can also be added to the stall rears for cover over the horse paddocks or at the gable ends of the barn for hay storage and wash areas.  The shape of a Shedrow Barn allows them to fit better on narrow lots than a Breezeway Barn.  “L” shaped Shedrow Barns or “U” shaped Shedrow Barns can offer a distinctive look to your property while also providing wind protection.  The open-air design of a Shedrow Barn allows for cooler temperatures and better air movement over other barn designs.